Read this post on Brandy to see why the gossip website has gone too far and is spitting venom against black hair.

The post from the staff explicitly states:

Anyway, glad to see she’s decided to join the rest of the modern world and ditch those braids.  We know her hairline is probably way past receding for wearing them thangs for over a decade.

The modern world? What the ….? Are these fools being serious? I can’t believe I even used to read this stupid poseur website. Brandy looked great when she wore braids; let’s not forget that braids are part of African culture and originated on the continent as a way of wearing our hair. Since when does that need “ditching”? It is almost laughable how uneducated they sound. I’m natural and love braids to death. Fighting against people of my race about hair is so embarrassing: do you think other people of different races do this?

What an embarrassing excuse for a website.

An ex-reader